KHAMSIN Live Tour in U.S.







A jazz band from Japan will be performing at the Detroit Jazz Festival once again! 🎷♬🎺♪

The band, “Khamsin,” a Kansai-based contemporary jazz band, will be on stage in Detroit (supported by Japan Foundation) representing Takatsuki Jazz Street (高槻ジャズストリート), one of the biggest free jazz events in Japan. Chris Collins, Artistic Director and President of the Detroit Jazz Festival, performed and held an ensemble workshop this year at the 25th annual Takatsuki Jazz Street.

Don’t miss Khamsin’s performance at 5:45pm on Sunday, Sept. 3, at the Absopure Waterfront Stage in Hart Plaza. More details are available here:

Japanese Jazz Artists:
Mitsuhiro Furuya (Tenor Sax)
Hiroshi “GORI” Matsuda (Drums)
Takumi Seino (Guitar)
Yuka Yanagihara (Piano, joined in 2017)
Nobumasa Shirai (Bass, joined in 2017)

*Kansai: The metropolitan area of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc. in western Japan
**Takatsuki: City in Osaka Prefecture located in between the cities of Osaka and Kyoto

Khamsin was originally formed in 1996 and released their first album, “KHAMSIN,” in 1998. After a long hiatus, the band was reborn and welcomed two new members in 2017. Their second album, “Blue Hour,” was released the following year.

They say each member has their own sound and groove, which gives the band a special and unique sound. Listen to part of their recent performance in June 2023 here: